Seasons Changing

by Patrick Dunphy

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released January 12, 2018

All songs written and performed by Patrick Dunphy

Featuring Antoine Poliquin (bass, electric guitar) and Mathieu Le Guerrier (drums, percussion)

All songs mixed and engineered by Matthew Hills at Delicate/Automatic in Montreal
assisted by Rob Helsten

Mastered by Ryan Morey at Grey Market Mastering in Montreal

Album photography by Leah Trottier

Album cover design by Bonnie Leibel


all rights reserved



Patrick Dunphy Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Who would I be?
I wish that I could be only the voice that soothes you
I wish that I could be only the song I sing you
I wish that I could be only the things that excite you
I wish that I could be only the words that grip you

But who would I be then?

I wish that I could be only compassion and kindness
I wish that I could leave all my frustrations behind me
I wish that I could be the flash without the lightning
I wish that I could be only the things that you wanted

But who would I be then?
Track Name: Strange Ways
Can I be the delicate flower,
That you rescue from the cold?
And you can spoon me in the shower
Who needs those rigid gender roles?
Gently brush the hair from my eyes
Tell me every day how I am your prize
Dancing by the fire, and I’ll let you lead

I’ve never been as happy
Than as a minion in your games
You’re a beautiful sadist
And only you can keep me tame
Causing wonderful wounds in my head
Tied up and bound at the foot of your bed
That’s where I’ll stay true
For as long as you hold me

Oh, they could never understand
The place we hold in love’s strange plan,
Oh, I’ll never find another
Who makes me feel this way

We gather in the lobby
It’s always magic when we meet
Like at the airport Hilton
And all those times on Folsom Street
I remember your glistening manes
The human form could never be the same
The pack of us together
The animal in all of us

Oh, they could never explain
The way love moves us in strange ways
Oh, I’ll never find another
Who makes me feel this safe
Track Name: Seasons Changing
I’m so restless, I can’t speak
I’m waiting alone can you sit beside me?
On a city bench in the morning rush
staring at the backs of loading trucks

We could walk through the park on a rainy day
It’s so much prettier when everyone’s away
a delicate set piece just for us
and the man in the rain coat feeding ducks

Moments like this are so far between
as the seasons change and the car horns screech
and winter seals us in its tomb
if you lie next to me I can be there for you

When it gets above freezing we head up a trail
to a part of the mountain past the drunk teens’ wails
we peer at the city through the morning fog
us and the woman walking her dog

Moments like this are so far between
as colors change, and people retreat
I warm up my fingers and press on the strings
If I play you a song will you stay here with me?

At five o’clock when the sky goes dark
I walk alone and I head through the park
The ground is caked in snow and slush
there’s one kid on the ice rink firing pucks

Moments that were few and far between
as one’s feelings remain while one’s cease to be
On a sidewalk perch while the tourists scream
if I see you again will you sit next to me?
Track Name: Writing's on the Wall
The writing’s on the wall
but just give me one more minute
to run my fingers on the stone
and rearrange the letters

If you could only reach my hand
if you could only feel me tremble
They say it’s for the best
but I just don’t believe it

The writing’s on the wall
just give me one more moment
to do ten paces in the hall
back and forth and over

The jaw will make a smile
the eyes will open up once more
we will hear a steady rhythm
please just give us one more minute

If you could only reach my hand
if you could only see me crumble
I’m not ready to give up
but I know I have to leave you
Track Name: Cycles
The view outside my window
with all the passing people
and all my bedroom furniture
towers over me
the ripples on the water
the wind against the trees
all the cycles that repeat
and all of the noise
all my worries, wandering thoughts
all the time I feel I’ve lost
is peering in at me
a bit more weathered in the pane
face to face again

In the square next to the grocery store
children laugh and run around
moving hands along the statue
something different, something new
What if we’d been younger?
We wouldn’t have been so petty
We’d have never learned to use
the words that cut so deep
And what age do we start listening?
Shed the harm we carry with us?
After everything, I’m still hoping
for a chance to make amends,
or fall on my face again

These days when I can clear my head
and things don’t feel so heavy
the chattering is deafened
and time it crawls so slow
every angle is a painting
every motion is a feat
and every moment
there’s a treasure I can seek
That’s all there needs to be
and a promise to be better
to be warmer, to be a pillar
for someone else someday

it’s making sense to me

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